The Florentine Steak

Bistecca Alla Fiorentina
The Florentine steak is a high cut of Italian beef including the bone, to be cooked rare on the grill or on a grill with a minimum height of 5 cm. fornelli!


  • Beef steak
  • salt
  • Pepper


The right temperature of the grill, placed over a live embers but without flame, is very important, as it must allow the cut of meat not to burn outside and to remain raw and hot inside. The meat is cooked on both sides, then seasoned with salt and freshly ground pepper and served. We serve it on a hot cast iron grill, so that the steak arrives steaming at the table and maintains the temperature. To prepare the best Florentine steak, use meat that has been aged for at least 15 days. Furthermore, here, at our osteria, we use to keep it out of the fridge two hours before cooking it, so that it humanizes with the ambient temperature, making it even more tender after cooking.